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Contract management

In the field of “contract management“ we will assist you in the individual drafting of your contracts and support you in the implementation of the contract contents in your quality management (QM) system.

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Overview of services

Every company has special characteristics that need to be expressed in contracts. Standard contracts are therefore of only limited use. Only a combination of knowledge covering both the operations flows for the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and also the regulations to be taken into account in the respective case leads to appropriate contracts.

For example, we will assist you with the formulation of:

Liability limitation agreements (LLA)

Safety data exchange agreements (SDEA)

Individual contracts with responsible persons (phased plan officer, information officer, etc.)

Pharmacovigilance contracts incl. responsibility matrix with partners

Based on our many years of experience, we help with the individual drawing-up of the contracts and we will also support you in the implementation of the contract contents. Without diverting your employees away from other projects and without time-consuming familiarisation with legislative texts, your contracts will be made ready for inspection.

We offer German and English as contract languages.

An extended digital signature from all contractual partners can mean that long-drawn-out and elaborate signing processes can be dispensed with.

And with every change in legal regulations we will be there to help you again, so that your QM system always remains up to date.

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