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Dietary supplements

We support you in all matters relating to the marketability and secure distribution of your dietary supplements.

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Overview of services

Checking of dietary supplements for their marketability

Compliance of the informative texts with the Health Claims Regulation (EU Regulation 1924/2006)

Registration of dietary supplements with the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL)

Monitoring of dietary supplements on the market

Organising and coordinating of supply chains

Setting up a quality management system for dietary supplements

Translation of informative texts into the German language and producing of obligatory texts

Product care of dietary supplements

Dietary supplements represent a constantly growing market in Germany with secure prospects for the future. Due to the considerably less complex regulatory processes required, in com-parison with pharmaceuticals for example, market entry is substantially simpler for dietary supplements. Nevertheless, the market entry and secure distribution of dietary supplements requires a great deal of specialist expertise and experience.

We at MIT Gesundheit GmbH will support you in all tasks relating to the secure distribution of your dietary supplement. This applies to the proper checking and submission of all necessary documents to the authorities as well as support in the setting up of the supply chain. For example, in close consultation with you, we will look for the right suppliers, manufacturers and logisticians and at your request take over communication and organisation.

Checking of health-related statements for dietary supplements

Health-related information represents a relationship between the dietary supplement and a health statement. This can for example be the statement that iodine contributes to a healthy me-tabolism or that creatin increases physical performance. We check for you whether the information accompanying your dietary supplement is compliant with the appropriate regulations and whether the ingredients used and their concentrations are permitted. If the legal situation changes with respect to ingredients and their concentrations, we will work out solutions with you to further ensure the marketability of your dietary supplement.

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